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Fill Me In is an Adult Colouring Brand



Who Am I?

I am Sarah. By day I work for a global branding consultancy in London and by night I continue to explore my creativity through all sorts of different projects and ventures. Interested? You can see some of my latest projects here… ( My Portfolio ).

My claim to fame, or as I like to call it ‘my one hit wonder’ was inventing the worlds 1st folding pencil-case ( The Supercase ) that unfolds to transform into a handy pencil pot. 

Fill Me In: The Story

London is the best place in the world to spot trends, and I might moan about my commute through central London every day, however, it is my opportunity to observe people and trends.

Last year I saw the wave of adult colour books hit store shelves. Not only were my friends buying colouring books, I saw both men and women colouring on the tube and buses, in cafes, even at work… they are everywhere. 

I had a flick few some of the bestsellers, and although they were extremely impressive with beautiful illustrations of flowers, gardens, creatures of the sea... I felt there was a need for something that actually felt "adult"

I've always believed sexuality is an important and natural part of our lives, and hate how prudish 'us Brits' can

Fill Me In was born.  I started illustrating different sexual positions inspired by The Kama Sutra and composing them into fun and exciting scenarios. I gained inspiration from everywhere; including stories my friends have told me over the years… yes… ‘Office Politics’ actually happened in one of my old offices! Before I knew it, I had 20 illustrations, and so many ideas of what I could do with them.

With a little help from my friends in the pub one night after work, we came up with a hilarious and witty name for each one. So the quirky illustrations became the Fill Me In brand with the products and merchandise you see on the site today. 

I hope the book helps people express themselves, respect sexual and cultural diversity and encourages people to just have fun!

What Next?

Who knows?  I am taking each day as it comes, constantly trying to understand how to run a business, manage orders and figure out: website issues, postage problems, storage nightmares but what makes it all worth while is you guys!

I want to revolutionize the adult colouring category & introduce it to 21st century culture – who said mindfullness can’t be a little raunchy.